Business Verticals

AquaAIR Logistics have turned itself into an inherent organization contributing their best in logistics needs. Our experienced professionals have worked in letting us touch newer horizons in our concerned profession. Our business verticals have enhanced its limits contributing their best grounds of transportation and delivering heavy to heavier projects.

You can check our vertical limits, which has flown high with the experienced hands of our seasoned professionals. We have turned ourselves into your best choice in both reliability and satisfaction. Our custom made plans can provide you a superficial notch of delivering available at affordable prices. Our business extensions have involves some of the well-known organizations pertaining their contribution in varied professions.


AquaAIR have initialised their best hand in providing high-end solutions for the high-tech service needs. Our wider range of services can effectively reduce inventories, works on the introduction of newer products and lower down the distribution cost. Other than understanding the primary needs of the telecommunication industry, we offer high-end solutions to electronics and computer industries. Our business verticals ensure that you get the best and reliable hands while you take up heavier projects in your telecommunication firm.


Food products usually enhance the need to safety and hygiene. Whether you plan to get it prepared at home or outside, preparation to consumption requires the ultimate notch of management. Our perishable logistic service primarily supports those institutions, companies and business houses which remain responsible for preparing food outside. Our business segment focus inherently, on contract caterers, bars and pubs, restaurant chains and other segments involving quick service.


We have always ensured in maintain the blend of security and safety especially for our pharmaceutical clients. We understand the delicate composure of the healthcare and pharmaceutical products. We have partnered with some of the leading pharmaceutical organizations with our clients dealing with personal care, animal drugs, infant drugs and medical equipment categories. Our expert professionals monitor and maintains a complete visibility of the supply chain conceptualised for our pharmaceutical clients. We have tailored ourselves to be your best choice among the leading companies delivering logistic services.


AquaAIR Logistics have inherited the best exposure for the cases of engineering logistic services. We have renowned clients who have worked the best in the industry contributing to high-end infrastructural solutions. We have serves them under some of the enhanced grounds including, transportation management, stockings at remote locations, warehousing facility, supplier and procurement management, service parts and aftermarket logistics etc.

Consumer Healthcare

We have collaborated with the renowned consumer care companies for developing, marketing and selling best products in the market. We have extended our limits in deploying some of the well-known FMCG retailers and manufacturers in the list of our clients. Our expert professionals have worked on understanding and implementing some of the best phases to deliver the high-end supply solutions. You can be assured of getting the best services after getting your product manufactured with our transportation and delivery chains. Our extended service can fulfil your need for warehousing, pooling & collaboration, co-packing and sustainability.


AquaAIR have deployed both expertise and required resources to deliver high edge competition in the automotive logistic category. Being partnered with 6 greater nations we have gained years of experience in the automobile industry. Our experts exert their innovative thinking for successfully implementing some of the best automotive logistic services to our clients. We have considered the superficial solutions to the life cycle of an automobile. Our service is rendered along inbound logistics, outbound logistics, production logistics, packaging services, reverse logistics, tyre logistics etc.


Fashion and Luxury companies are often faced with a large number of suppliers, contacts, and container shipping lines and freight stations that are not fully qualified to provide the level of service and communications that have become mandatory in the Fashion industry.

AquaAir will provide and have the following means available. Professional teams that communicate and work through the same dedicated single entry point contact for all your operations developments of made to measure projects offer first class facilities appropriate and up to date equipment to handle hanging and flat packed garments.